Video Lecture Library

Access world's largest accumulation of Video lectures by top Indian doctors and medical professionals specifically on 19 subjects based on MBBS in India course and curriculum. The 19 subjects are divided systematically into 128 topics for easy understanding.

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Largest Question Bank

A question bank consisting of 15,000+ for FMGE test for you to practice which are systematically arranged for you to go through Mock Tests with Topic / Subject wise and finally Grand Mock Test! You can select the subject as per your need with constantly updated Question Bank!

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Every Doubts Cleared!

The Economical module comes with the support of experienced Indian doctors supporting all your doubts and queries over WhatsApp, even when you are pursuing MBBS Abroad such as China, Russia, Philippines, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan etc.

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Intelligent PTMP Technology

This will track your performance constantly and showcase you the weaker area needing stronger attention. It will predict your marks constantly in your final exam to an accuracy level of 5%. It wont leave you till you reach your target of 150 marks in FMGE!

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A Smart choice when you just have to Pass MCI Screening Test!